Improve your Habitat & Improve your Hunting

In order to get predictable daytime buck activity the deer need to feel safe. Whitetail Habitat Consulting plans keeps the deer from knowing they are being hunted. When this is accomplished your success increases.


Many people try to improve their habitat and hunting without a solid plan. I specialize in creating a plan that not only makes your habitat better but makes your hunting results more consistent. Having a complete well designed plan will improve your hunting faster and save you time and money. I can design your plan using maps and through phone calls or come to your property and plan it with you.

Evaluation of Your Plan:

Starting at $300

If you already have a plan in place and would like feedback, then this service is for you. Send your plan to Joe Bartylla. I will call after I review it, and we will discuss what is working for and against you. With my help we can make sure your improvements are in the right location, which can save you time and money. This service gives you the opportunity to fine tune your existing plan and improve your hunting experiences.

Land Buying Services:


I have worked with clients developing habitat plans for many years. During this time, I have worked with properties that ranged from easy to improve to some that were very challenging. If you are starting with the right property, it will be cheaper to improve, will offer better hunting, and potentially have a higher resale value. I can conduct an aerial photo evaluation of your potential new land. I will give you feedback on the pros and cons of the property. If you use this service and purchase the property I will give you a 15% discount on the habitat plan.

Habitat Plan:

$575 for 40 acres, $150 for each additional 40 acres

My habitat plans will provide you a complete blueprint on how to improve your land and increase your hunting opportunities by using aerial photos, topography maps, and land owner's feedback. The plan will guide you in what improvements should be made in specific locations. Common improvements may include the following: food plot locations and what to plant, bedding area locations, travel corridors, stand locations, access routes, earlier successional habitat, fruit trees, etc. After you review the plan, you can schedule a phone conference with me to go over any questions you have. The end result will be a solid plan that you can implement on your property.

On Site Consulting:

Price varies on location

Would you like me to walk your property with you to personally show you the areas for improvements? Together we can determine the following: stand locations, food plot locations, how you will access the property, where to place your trail cameras, bedding and water locations, and where tree or shrub planting would be beneficial. We can go over the order of priorities when improving your property. We can also go over what to plant, soil tests, if you need to cut any trees, and discuss hunting strategies for your property.


I have been conducting classes on improving whitetail habitat since the 1990's. Contact me if you are interested in having me come to your area. I can teach whitetail habitat improvements in a classroom setting or out in the field for your group. Classes can range from 2 hours or more. Topics may include, bedding areas, access, early successional habitat, hard and soft mast trees, woody browse, soil testing, creating daylight deer movement, food plots and seed selection, etc. If there are specific topics you would like covered that can also be arranged. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with you. More information on upcoming events can be found Here.

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My name is Joe Bartylla. I started bow hunting with a recurve for whitetails in 1978. I harvested my first deer with a Bear Whitetail Hunter compound a few years later. Since than I have consistently harvested deer every year during Wisconsin's archery season. I have kept a hunting and habitat improvement journal for many years. If you are currently not keeping a journal in these areas, I would highly recommend starting. More Info

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